The No Heli Strap

– 46cm x 2,3cm
– tensile strenght: over 100kg ! (1150 N)
– weight: 27g
– high-grade aluminum buckle
– made in Das Germany

Sold individually.

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The No Heli Strap is not only the ideal binding for SAUCER, but also works perfectly for fixing your skis on your bike or backpack.

If you manage to tear this strap apart with one hand, we'll replace it and offer you a Hulk Hogan tattoo.

Additional information

Weight 27 g
Dimensions 46 × 2.3 × 0.3 cm

When your day is about that line.
The perfect powder escalator.
Doesn’t get much faster.

Made of highend carbon fibre.


Please use these products wisely.
They are designed to help you ascend couloirs and slopes that you feel comfortable to ski.

Do not use them in ‚no-fall-terrain‘!
If you do use them in technical and exposed terrain, this is your own responsibility (so use ice axes with safety leashes and a harness at least!).

Don’t forget about avalanche dangers just because you are moving light and fast!