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Xavier de Le Rue: NATHAN BIRRIEN – Photo: Visual / Instagram

first impowtion

– the gully escalator

Just like crack climbing, ‘couloiring’ is much about the aesthetics of clean and defined natural lines.

It’s about accessing the inaccessible in a pure way.

It is an end in itself.

You climb a line.

You ski that line.

Nothing else.

If there was a tool designed for exactly this ONE PURPOSE –
what would it look like?

– float on demand

Versatility first – our BaaS option (buoyancy as a service)

Your project requires crampons. Sure thing.

Will there be exhausting snowy sections? Maybe.

Do I carry anything heavy for the maybe-scenario? No way.

 Calculus of probability is easy when the ‘weighting factor’ is this insignificant.


Check out this tutorial for how to use the Saucer with Crampons.

preserve winter

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Tried and tested

innovation leads – norms follow

In other words: these products do not comply with any norm.

Actually, there is no EN norm for such tools.

But there are many professional and amateur skiers who have thoroughly tested them and provided feedback.

All of them are used to take full responsibility for their decisions in the mountains.

We expect the same from anyone interested in these expert tools.

award winning

Xavier de Le Rue: NATHAN BIRRIEN – Photo: Visual / Instagram

approved by the royals

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