vertical powder tools

uplift for powder downs

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Because YOU

are a grown-up freeskier

love and respect the mountain

earn your turn, hike your line – naturally

And WE

often stranded in some gully

taking 1 step forward, 2 steps back

wishing we had paws to give us more uplift

The CRAMPOW idea was born.

first impowtion


” Take a light plate and add the front teeth of crampons – it’s not rocket science… “

didn’t make their development an easy task…

The many may not need CRAMPOW – but the few need them a great deal.



the total weight per pair should not exceed that of
normal crampons


the system should be easy to mount and stay solid on the boot


it must cope with serious impact forces when used in
black ice


the plates should pack easily on or in a normal backpack


AND the product must be somewhat affordable (even if invaluable…)


To act responsibly with resources (material, transport)

To be reliable (safety, quality)

To contribute (POW –

To be transparent (about all of the above)

To use the product responsibly

To follow safety instructions

To contribute as well

Let the Product speak

You cannot change an industry with a niche product – but you can tease it.

Material, sourcing, transport – following standard paths would not feel right to us. Could we be happy with oil-based carbon fibre and supply from Far East?
Hell no!

Our Contribution model

AUFTRIIB donates
5% of its turnover.


YOU chose your
contribution at checkout.

* Every month, AUFTRIIB donates 5% of the total turnover to . Plus 100% of your donations.

Tried and tested

innovation leads – norms follow

In other words: these products do not yet comply with any norm.
Because this is a new category of product and norming needs to be adapted.

We are currently working on a CE testing procedure.

Our aim is to make the product available to the public for the next season.

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