“ticket to freedom” – support for Ukraine


We feel shocked by the invasion and attack of Ukraine.

Not only because we have a personal connection to this country (this website has been designed by Tatyana Karateeva).
But because the very base of our philosophy of life, our freedom is under attack.

While our neighbors are desperately trying to defend the very values that we build our lives on, the least we can do is to help them where money is crucial.

Tatyana and her friends are trying to organize buses to get the most vulnerable of their families out of there.
Let’s help them make it happen NOW!

We will think of a smooth way, for example with an integration of an app for donations.

For the time being, I am asking for your trust – I am forwarding 100% of the transactions coming through this virtual product to Tatyana.

Thank you,

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Feel free to purchase / sponsor as many tickets as you wish.

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