I’m Andreas Trunz – founder of AUFTRIIB. Passionate mountaineer,
climber and skier.

AUFTRIIB is the result of my personal passion. 

I initially designed CRAMPOW for my own purposes.
Driven by feedback from Sam Anthamatten, Jérémie Heitz , Cody Townsend and many others, I decided to share with the community.

Every aspect of AUFTRIIB is based on free time, my private initiative & financing and the help of family and friends.

Execution is key

Key for AUFTRIIB was and is CEM – our manufacturer.

Cem Koeylueer could be consulting F1 racing stables or commercialize his incredible expertise in any industry where lightweight design counts.

His supporting AUFTRIIB with engineering and manufacturing of the composite parts is therefore one big GIFT. 


our roots

We belong to the Swiss Alpstein mountains.
This range around the Säntis has shaped our skills and preferences.

Bootpacking hidden lines and trying to ski them is how we recharge our batteries. But when snow meets steep terrain, power supply can become an issue.

At some point we always ended up wallowing and wishing for crampons that offered more uplift.

our roots

Uplift was obviously our need,
but compromising the safety
of crampons would not be
an option.

Isn’t there a better way?

Raw materials, supply chain, life cycles – there must be alternatives.

We try to set positive examples in these areas:

1. Source from the nearest possible suppliers
2. Care about the origin (raw materials)
3. Think ahead (disposal, recycling)

back to the fiber

“Carbon” offers excellent stiffness-to-weight ratios.

But its origin and destiny are a complete travesty to me.

Can an ancient plant offer alternatives?

Flax is a domestic plant. Its fibers offer high tensile strengths and excellent dampening characteristics. Processed as composite materials, they could be a big step forward in various industries.

Why don’t we see more Natural-Fiber-Composite bikes, skis or even cars, yet?

All it takes is some imagination, experimenting and guts to go ahead.

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